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Smile New Krell 707 3D

I bought my first stereo in 1970. As time went on, I of course have gotten modern equipment and usually have been very happy with what Iíve gotten. Every once in a while there was a clinker. such as the Mark Levinson 502 surround sound unit.
You see my ML 40 broke down ant HK couldn't fix it so they offered me the 502 at an irresistibly price. I should have resisted.
The first three units went back, they wouldn't turn on. Harman Kardon did not have the intellectual capacity, the parts, or a desire to fix these machines.When I got one that finally turned on it never worked fully. They couldn't fix it. Note that ML used to have a huige variety of products, now they have almost nothing.

My dealer and I finally replaced this unit with the Krell 707 3Dwhich has been updated to take 3-D Blu-ray and all the new sound codes.

I have been using the Krell for a week and have been very happy with it and a full review will follow.

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