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Default Re: Why isn't this on vinyl??

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
You know what I miss? About buying vinyl. The whole dag on experience. Getting on the subway from the Bronx, taking the old iron horse, the no.2 train to 180th street. Then switching to the Lexington Avenue no. 5 train. To get off at 14th street. Walk thru the Village and hit the record stores. Talk with the people who work there, who love music also, and pick up some great music.

Then, maybe hit Nedicks or Nathans, or one of the cool organic cafes, or head to Chinatown for a good meal. Maybe pick up some ginseng in those little bottles!! But most of all, to get home, and open up your bag, rip off the plastic, and here it is, LOOK AT THE ALBUM COVER!! With all its artwork and liner notes. Gaze at who was playing on the LP (sidemen). And if it was a 2 lp set, even more to gaze at.

Then finally, putting that record on your turntable platter, cleaning it with Discwasher or Last record cleaner. Snap, crackle and pop in some cases, a little hiss, then presto, great music.

Is anybody with me, I MISS THAT!! The little booklet in the cd case, just doesn`t do it.
I'm with you!!!!!

If you're from NYC, have you ever visited The Thing? The entire basement is Records, floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall…it's crazy!

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