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Default Re: Metallica "Black Album" disapoints on DVD-Audio

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
If Dream Theater could write a catchy song - they would be one of the best bands EVER.
????AND Metallica "Black Album" disapoints on DVD-Audio???

Metallica in pure 24/96 - Enter Sandman will take down the house - literally.

I would be remiss to people who love music not to say anything. When good men say nothing then then the truth gets lost.

By the way it's "disappoints" for the record.
Sorry I know it's years later BUT Mr "super member" You really have a 2 bolts loose dude.
Ever hear pull me under of Metropolis pt 2?
And Metallica disappoints? I'm no great Metallica fan but this is one DVD-Audio I uses to demo. It's not like you are in the studio with them- but you ARE in the studio with them.

I own perhaps 500 sacd / DVD-audio and DTS 5.1 discs and so I have some foundation to what I say.
My favorite? Emerson, Lake, and Palmer's Brain Salad Surgery - a virtuoso masterpiece, A sonic masterpiece, if you like parades rather than a roller coasters do not buy this dvd-a. sIf you can handle a roller coaster ride and you can handle more than one note at a time. Get this.

You either have no ear or a **** system. You are so far off that you jeopardize any credibility with me.
I cannot say it strong enough that it is a rare privilege to own this 5.1 AND I AM NO BIG FAN OF METALLICA but I know clarity when I hear it.

IF I were a fan it's worth the So called investment you talk about all ir requires is a decent universal player. The rest any audiophile of this board should have already in spades. the OPPO 93 does all formats CD CDR and 3D blu-ray the best 500 bucks you will ever spend. Pioneer has several Universal players at 350-500 bucks. CD CDR DVD DVDr SACD DVD-Audio DTS DTS_MA BluRsy Bluray 3d and I might have left off a few.
The plethora of high res surround release of the last 2 years must give you pause. King CRIMSON ,Jethro Tull LAYLA ELP Pink Floyd Immersion sets Caravan WHO - Quadrophenia etc etc etc

It's a shame Dream theater has not a surround disc

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