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TheMoose, that is excellent. I agree with you about the high end attitude. I commented on this in the Can the AV industry sell to generation Y? I gave my experience that I will never forget when I got my first great turntable.So until that changes, they have a way to go.

I`m a real world guy to with a real world salary as well, but hope to move up one day. My system when i graduated from college was the APT preamp and APT 1 100 watt per channel power amp, with Bose 901 series IV speakers that I actually won from what was called the stereo hi - fi show at the Statler Hilton hotel here in New York.

All of which is now all traded in. I`m back starting from the beginning again.
As far as cars go, occasionally I go and sit in a Mercedes SL55AMG at White Plains Mercedes Benz. One day........ Your car is great. Obviously you have some skill. Maybe you should become a designer or mechanic at one the exotic car companies, and then, who knows.........................
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