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Default Feedback-A/V Racks

Okay, so I'd like to solicit the opinions of this fantastic group. Too much with the shmoozing? Okay, I take it back.

My name is Mary and I work with a company that's been in the Datacomm industry for a while. We're moving into the A/V world aiming to take it over. I'm kidding again . Understandably everyone and their sister uses M.A., Sanus, Raxxus, Snap AV, & some Lowell as they've been here on the A/V side for quite some time. They all do a pretty good job, so we plan on slowly chipping away with our service and our products.

With that being said, I want to know what counts for you. Is it specific full product offerings? Y'know the whole one-stop shop that everyone preaches about. Is it quality (UL Rated, load rating, Manufactured in the US)? Do you need it to look pretty? (Yes, I just referred to a rack as pretty.) What counts?

I'm truly interested in getting some feedback from the people that actually dwell in these racks for days on end. It's how we listen and improve that will define the future of our company, and I plan on doing exactly that.

So fire away
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