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Angry Metallica's St. Anger - the worst CD ever recorded?

If I were to pick one review in my career that I am most proud of it would be this one of Metallica's St. Anger. To set the stage - they are one of my ALL TIME favorite bands of all time. Ride the Lighting, Master of Puppets and ...And Justice For All make up one of the BEST runs in recorded music history....

That gets me to this NIGHTMARE of a record. Fresh out of rehab and with a life coach trying to help them write MEAN metal songs and their long-time producer playing bass - this record sets NEW levels for suckdom.

Read the review and tell me if you think I am off base.

I DARE you to listen to the record "I'm madly in anger with Youuuuuuuu" (I am going to puke)
Jerry Del Colliano
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