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Default What ever happened to Adcom?

I got a returned email from them recently and haven't had the time to chase down the guy in Arizona who bought the brand.

In its day - Adcom had the world by a string. I sold Adcom at Sasafras Audio in Brwn Mawr (on the "main line") and we used to move a LOT of it. 565 monoblocks and even the small 535 amp. It was GREAT bang for the buck stuff and back then mainstream wealthy people bought audio gear more than today. It wasn't all about selling HDTVs.

I never could get Adcom to buy ads with the new owners and honestly they never really advertised anywhere. Everyone wants to create "dealer push" but in the end you need "consumer demand" which comes from ads, reviews and overall buzz. In the history of audiophila - I am not sure there was ever a brand that had more buzz than Adcom.

I guess the lesson is - no matter how INCREDIBLE your brand is (McIntosh, Luxman, Marantz, Adcom, Kef and many others) you can damage it if you take your eye off the ball. The good news for some of the aforementioned brands - the name can be saved.
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