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Default AMX Controller Panel Design Question [TPDesign4]


I'm new here so forgive me if this isn't in the right category. I'm an IT Intern at a medium sized business. My boss has given me a task related to an AMX controller panel in the conference rooms at our office building. He's told me he doesn't even know if it's possible, but it was his idea of a "fun" project for me to try. I literally have no knowledge of this type of programming.

A few years ago we contracted an AMX installation company to install, program, and design 3 touch panel controllers in our conference rooms for A/V related control. I've attached a picture of the basic design of the interface.

Apparently support from the AMX installation company has been really bad and my boss no longer has interest in dealing with them. So he's asked me to, basically, backwards engineer the software on the panel. The software I've been given to accomplish this task is called "TPDesign4"

So basically my main questions are.

1. Is it even possible for me to do this?
2. If so, can I do it with TPDesign4 alone?
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