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Default Say what you want but OJ is still a Trojan!

A heisman winner and I belive a National Champion.

I mean if you bought your bleach blonde wife a Ferrari Mondial and she drove it up and down Rockingham with her new boyfriend mocking you and your generosity - wouldn't you me mad? Mad enough to kill?

And what about those manatees in Florida - they always get in the way of your motorboat. I mean shouldn't they take a swift propeller to the skull?

And lastly - that guy stole the Juice's memorabilia and was trying to make a fortune selling it. Wouldn't you want to get it back (at gun point) to keep people from stealing from you (and the Goldman family)?


Seriously, could OJ possibly have used worse judgement?

Johnny Cochran is dead and I am not sure WHO is going to get him off this time. Some say that the guy who stole the Juice's stuff isn't going to press charges. That might get him off but the fact he is in JAIL again is really damning for ANYBODY who ever defended him even for a second.

OJ has paid a pretty price in terms of LA status. Rockingham Drive is just one street before you get to my street. Houses there on that part of Brentwood sell for $10,000,000 EASY just for a tear down. Flat lots, great location. Some have ocean views. OJ paid $700,000 for his house in the late 1970's. What a moron.

He also got tossed from a number of HARD to get into country clubs.

You think he would learn but I guess not.
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