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Default Re: I choked on buying "Quiet Rock"

Absolutely. Proper acoustic treatment can save everyone a lot of grief.

In my condo, I share one wall with a neighbor, an elder lady. I can't turn my system up to a less than ideal listening volume before she comes knocking on the door. In the middle of prime-time listening hours on a weekend. A little unfair if you ask me.

Anyway, my point is that I can hear sounds coming from my neighbors wall, through the converted hallway closet, and worst of them all, up through my floor right below my main system. I can't tell you how close I am to tearing up the hardwood floor and putting in some sound proofing. It is so annoying to have muddled sound coming up through the floors and wall while I am stuck listening at a less than ideal volume to appease my other neighbor. To give you an idea, it is like my neighbor below me installed in-ceilings speakers and an in-ceiling sub (not that they exist). SOOOOO annoying.

If it wasn't so aesthically non-pleasing and cost prohibitive, I would get some sound blankets and drape them on the walls and floor.
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