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Default How To Download and Watch Dvdrip Movies With Subtitles

How To Download and Watch Dvdrip Movies With Subtitles
Note: Because this is my first time to post, i can't post URL. However you can search the tools needed in this article with Google.

I have a little hearing problem which makes it a little difficult understanding what actors are talking in the movie. I usually see every movie with English subtitles, so when I donít understand the dialogues, I can read them. This is very helpful for both ordinary people and hearing impaired people, I have seen people who can hear and understand the dialogues but still prefer to use subtitles so that they donít miss a single dialogue.

Since I watch every movie with subtitles, many people have been asking me the best and easiest way to add it. So today I will share a post on how to download and add subtitles in Dvdrip movies.

Downloading Dvdrip Movies and Subtitles

I usually download Dvdrip movies from 2 uploaders, FXG and aXXo. Many people are familiar with aXXo calling him a legend, but I will recommend FXG for some movies which aXXo has not released so far. (You can also make the DVDrip with a DVD RIPPING SOFTWARE if you have a DVD collection, by the way).

Subtitles are not embedded in these movies as default, they are available as a separate file. FXG usually uploads the subtitle(.srt) file along with the movie in a single torrent, while aXXo uploads subtitles separately which can be downloaded from here.
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