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Default Re: B&K Reference Series

I owned a B&K Ref-20 and I replaced it with a B&K Ref-50 and they both worked well for me for many years. The Ref-50 did have an occasional glitch where it would drop on of the 5.1 channels occasionally, but if I shut it off and restarted it the channel would return. I eventually bought an Integra DHC-80.1 pre-amp to replace the Ref-50, since I wanted to have the HDMI switching and the other features the Integra preamp offered. I've had the Integra preamp for ~ 2 years now and I now have in the shop for a no sound issue (see my post for more details). I moved away from B&K since they were not keeping up with new technology and they were a bit pricey as well IMO.

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