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Unhappy Integra DHC-80.1 No Sound problem

I have an Integra DHC-80.1 preamp that is approximately 2 yrs old now and and without warning I lost audio form my 5.1 main listening area from all sources. In other words I have no sound coming from my 5.1 speakers when playing DVD/BD, Direct TV Sat, or Analog 2 channel CD. One day it was working and next day it was not. I still have video from the satellite and DVD/BD, but no sound in main listening area. I was able to get sound from zone-2 while playing a CD from my CD player, but can't hear the CD in main listening area.
My rest of my HT system consists of B&K 7 channel amp, Sony BluRay player, & CAL CD player. The AV sources are connected with Tributaries Series-7 HDMI cables and my CD player is connected AudioQuest Viper interconnect. The preamp is connected to the amp with AudioQuest viper interconnects as well.
After much troubleshooting I've isolated the problem to the Integra preamp, since it was still under warranty, I brought the preamp to my dealer to have it sent out to an authorized Integra service center to have it checked out. My dealer gave me another used Integra DHC-80.1 preamp as a loaner to use until mine was repaired.
I hooked up the loaner preamp when I got home and was shocked to find this preamp had the same no-sound problem as mine had! I started to second guess myself thinking that something else must be the problem, but again I was certain that the preamp was again the issue, WTF!
Luckily I had my old B&K Ref-50 preamp in storage, so I hooked it back up in place of the Integra preamp and everything worked again, which proved that the problem was indeed with the Integra pre-amps and not something else in my system.

So my question to you folks is......has anyone else experienced this problem with their Integra preamps or receivers? and if so, what was the problem? I have not yet heard back from my dealer or the repair center, but I will update this post once I do.

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