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Default Re: How I feel about A/V

even the mp3 people? I'm kidding of course, I asked a guy the future of music, What would follow the CD, He told me calmly, memory sticks, I didn't say anything, but that would be sad, I love to go to the only CD store left in my neighbor hood and go thru the 7.99 bin and the 4.99 bin, some really good CDs there, This store used to be 80 % Cds and 20 % DVDs, Now it is 50% DVDs,20% Blu ray, and 20 % CDs, yet they manage a real good collection of music, still have a bid Jazz section, all of these Cds were 40% off today. There is a Dire Straits I want to get for one song "Sultans of Swing" and that neat sounding mastering sustem,Super Bit Mapping. poor lady that works there is constantly rearranging the CDs. We have had some good talks, She knows and Loves her Music.
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