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Default Re: Brown outs in your area...

I recently moved to the Santa Clarita mountains and power or should I say power output is becoming a growing concern for me. Even during non peak hours I've seen my power drop down to 110v even...gulp...108v. I'm having new dedicated lines pulled to my rack in two weeks that I'm told will fix the problem. Ahhh, the pitfalls of older construction. The electrical situation in my house upon move in was horrible, in that all of my wall outlets and I do me ALL OF THEM were on one 15 circuit. In fact my garage had better, cleaner power than all of my house. Hell, my backyard has more dedicated circuits in it then my old condo which was brand new construction tailored to my needs. These new dedicated lines will be the second time in 6 months that I've had to open up my walls in an attempt to bring more juice into my house. When everything is said and done I will have dedicated 20 lines in each room in my house just for my gear.

The few times my system has dipped to 110v I've had to simply turn it off for the music/movies sound like total crap. Who ever thinks power doesn't matter obviously doesn't listen to music or movies. I feel power is nearly as important as your room.

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