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Default Amazed by being here:)

Hi people everything fine? so far Im writing my primary post on this board, awesome community as all of you can see!:)
I will head to my presentation, Im Rafael, I was born on Wisbech, for a living doing erasmus on another state now on Arts to reach my diplome.
I am very found of football as well as taking naps lol, and I also enjoy a lot Muse, my new hobbie now is poker, like most of you...I think....and also board games.
The main reason I registered here to search for new concepts to my private blogs because you guys have a lot fascinating discussions here, but off course I will engage seriously in all of the discussions in the forum!!!!!
I will also excuse by my writting it is the only way I get to communicate with you guys....
And for the time being Is all I can say, because work of shifts so I will rest a few hours..............Just hopping you read my 1rst post.
untill next post to all of you, Bye!
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