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Default Re: Italian Opera Tenor Luciano Pavarotti Dies At 71

I love kitchen books. Recently I read one called like "get out the kitchen" or something like that. It was a compliation of stories from famous chefs and read like a tell-all.

Michale LaMonica, former chef at 21 in NYC, told a Pavorati story about some society folks that booked a HUGE table for after the opera. Supposedl the Maistro was coming in and after hours and hours of ****tails and aps - Pavoratti finally showed up. He wanted a "little" something to eat but when it came down to eating the guy REALLY pigged out. Multiple bowls of pasta, multple deserts etc... Supposedly, he came dressed in his garb and with the makeup too. Seemed like a VERY genuine person from the way the story read.

Lots of other humbling kitchen stories in this book too. Not as good as Kitchen Confidential but in the same category. A great read by the pool while on vacation.
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