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Gentlemen, it is a generational thing. I spoke to my daughter Amanda about this. It is a privacy issue. When you want to say something in private, or personal, and you do not want ANYONE else to know, you text.

Yes, when a ringing of the phone is not desirable, your in class, a meeting, etc. the young people text. Its the same with AIM6 and MYSpace. The kids do this to setup rendezous, talk about stuff we did in person, or on the phone, but this is all secret stuff. See, I guess you guys have no kids yet.

This is why the web is dangerous. Ever notice when you walk in your kids room, they turn the computer towards them, or lower the lid on the labtop?

Anyway, texting requires typing. Why not just pick up the phone and hear a voice. Its more personal to me. But, they will type. Too much work for me.
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