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Question Video Projector Help Me!


I have a serious issue related to projectors and wonder if anyone can help.

I have been asked to create a video that will be projected for an upcoming industry event that is on DVD. I know, I tried to convince to project using blu-ray but the av company said they don't have the professional decks to do it properly.

Here is the issue. They are flipping the projector vertically AND the monitor vertically. Besides being a stupid setup, does anyone know if I will lose a lot of the image, i.e. it will be cut off? I know the video quality drops because the projector is turned vertically.

The av guy's thinking is if the projector is turned vertically and the monitor vertically then it will show the video correctly. Is this true? I've heard from others this is not the case.

I am worried not only is it going to look like crap but the text will be cut off and over 300 people in the room will think I didn't do my homework, and will be laughed it.

Does anyone know what I'm asking? I've tried google searches but no luck so I'm forced to try posting on forums.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


P.S. - I don't know what projector they are using, only that it is 1080x1280 I think and the av guy admitted its an old projector.
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