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Default Re: Prince Sues fans for You Tube postings

Originally Posted by David DelGrosso View Post
Here's the part that I don't understand...

This Editorial insists that: There is no hope for a record industry that is so lost that it thinks fighting YouTube is a worthy use of its time. When a major artist like Prince wages war against "The Great Viral Way" you just know in your heart of hearts that the record labels just don't get it. They don't understand their customers.

What is it that they "don't understand"? That "their customers" believe that it is their right to openly "steal" content that has been registered as intellectual property?

To me... there is "no hope" for a human race that refuses to pro-actively reform the unethical use of digital technology.

According to a C-Net report, Web Sheriff has recently removed over 2,000 unauthorized Prince videos from YouTube. And it is becoming widely understood that "Their business model is built on making money off other people's creative work,", as Web Sherriff president John Giacobbi emphatically reported to Reuters.

Are we really willing to laugh off the validity of this complaint, simply because of Prince's peculiar personality and controversial past?

David, its just a different time. This is not about Prince. Its like you said, people don`t care about the music as much, or the artists like we all did. Music is for background, for working out, how many songs can I store on my I - pod?! Look, I have more than you do??!! What!!

Sure, there are a few, but not the majority, I bet. So, that is where it is right now.
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