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Default Re: Audioslave on DualDisc is as good as a DVD-Audio release

Originally Posted by timbre4 View Post
Another missed opportunity; label squandered the DVD side with videos I could only marginally care about instead of flooring me with a hi res 5.1 surround mix that could have garned a following for the format.

MVI is the current squandering of people's attention and money. It'll disappear in a few months and they will be sold another bill of goods instead of giving us what we want; high resolution surround mixes of new artists as well as catalog titles.

I can remember a brief time when new albums were purchased in quad and stereo versions were heard on friend's systems as the exception. Walk into Tower buy Blow By Blow on Q8 tape and go crazy in the parking lot. Those were the days.
Yes, its a different day and quite sad. Jerry did a great article a while back on the closing of Tower Records here in New York. Gone are the days, that i can get on the subway at 9:00am, take the no.4 or 5 lexington avenue train to 14th street. And then walk and get excited about buying records on 4th street at Tower Records. With people who were knowledgeable and had the same passion you did about the music.
That is the problem, Record, Music executives, or whatever you would like to call them, are not music lovers. I know that might come to a surprise to some people, but what other explanation is there. There are many examples in business, where the people calling the shots are attorneys, or people that do not have a true passion for that particular business!!!!
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