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Default I refuse to text

I simply refuse to text anyone.

While I use the phone MOST of the time while I am in the car, I have installed an $80 Bluetooth unit on my visor so I can drive safely.

My father while commuting from Scottsdale to LA was involved last year in a HUGE car accident in Phoenix. A 19 year old girl blew a COMPLETELY RED LIGHT and smashed into a limo and then my father and step mother. Their Mercedes was totaled but they were OK. The two people in the back of the limo died (no seatbelts). The girl was text messaging at the time.

In our offices (the building where the agency Entorage is created from) the agents CAN NOT RESIST the idea of texting while in the elevator. To me it seems like they want somebody to know how important they are. Little do they know - I know that despite wearing a $4,000 suit - they work in the mailroom and that their email that they were reading was about Viagra.
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