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Default Finally! Zeppelin From Bowers & Wilkins Available Today

After a much anticipated wait, Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) releases Zeppelin for purchase. This luxury system is certified “Made For iPod®” and is designed for use with the current model range (including the recently released iPod line). Zeppelin is now available at select Apple Stores nationwide and online ( at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $599.00. Zeppelin will offer the first opportunity for many US consumers to enjoy this legendary technology, imported directly from Bowers & Wilkins’ award winning speaker range. Bowers & Wilkins’ state-of-the-art products are enjoyed by
music lovers worldwide and are the preferred monitoring loudspeakers in professional recording studios from Abbey Road Studios to Skywalker Sound.

“The iPod deserves no less than the best audio reproduction possible” says Evert
Huizing, B&W Executive VP of Business Development, “and we believe Zeppelin
delivers the truest, most life-like sound from it. We’ve incorporated our 40 years of
technology and know-how into a product that we hope will allow us to introduce a
new market to the level of sound quality enjoyed by professionals every day. As our
strapline says - listen and you’ll see.”


As the number one imported premium loudspeaker brand in the world, Bowers &
Wilkins is a name familiar to musicians and audiophiles worldwide. Applying its
audiophile approach to iPod reproduction has resulted in the remarkable Zeppelin.
Benefiting from a 40-year history of research and technological innovation, Zeppelin

introduces sound quality usually only available through dedicated hi-fi separates.
The Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin is a one-piece amplified iPod speaker system and docking station that transforms an iPod into a very capable, very compact stereo system.


In creating Zeppelin, Bowers & Wilkins has married top-of-the-line audio quality with cutting edge design. Led by Morten Warren, the award-winning team at Native Design, London, has created the look of Zeppelin to accommodate its function: its larger bass unit sits in the center of the device and the form tapers towards the ends, where the smaller mid-range and tweeter drivers are accommodated. At barely two feet wide, Zeppelin is the perfect accessory for any room in the house or office space. Stunningly finished in polished stainless steel, Zeppelin makes an ideal music system for office, bedroom, kitchen, or second home, or simply as an iPod-extension appliance, delivering a level of performance and musicality unequalled by most “Made For iPod®” devices.
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