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Default Re: Scalers for 4k projectors

Hi from the Uk
I've been installing big home cinemas for a little over 20 years. Over the years I've used 9" CRT's with very good quads and later Runco 3 chip DLP with 1000w Xenon lamps - both of these video set ups ran close to 100k.
I recently installed the new Sony 4k consumer projector in our listening rooms are to me its a complete game changer.
It's simply much, much sharper and cleaner than any 1080p projector I've ever seen.
In the past I've usually recommended clients to go for smaller screens - typically 7-9 foot wide to maintain image quality. Now with this Sony - its called the VPLVW1000ES here and sells for 16800 inc sales tax, we've installed a 4.5m wide screen and it looks incredible from 4m viewing distance. The internal "Reality Creation" on the Sony works brilliantly.
If you're into the best quality image I very much doubt you'll see anything better than this.
I've posted some images on our site as the picture is simply so superb.
Photographing screens is usually a nightmare - with this projector it really doesn't seem a problem.
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