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Wink Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

Originally Posted by crazyears View Post
You have to be listening for it.If you are listening to music,enjoying the groove or the mood you probably wont hear much of a difference.If youre watching a movie almost definitely you wont hear any difference.If you are in audiophile mode,in other words concentrating on the sound and not the performance of the music you can probably hear a small but real difference.In a few cases it can be obvious to even a person who hasnt trained their mind to perceive these differences.I personally dont care very much.All my cables are entry level audiophile cables and I dont worry about it.
If, at any time, you believe you can hear a difference in cables, you are experiencing "subjective thinking", a well documented phenomenon where a person is able to fool themselves. In actual testing, this is called the "placebo effect".
Numerous "double blind" scientific tests have demonstrated that no one could hear any difference in cables, to the embarrassment of some opinionated subjects. Of course, if the cables are faulty/defective, this does not apply.
Cables are a delightful source of huge profits, which, as has also been proven, is a powerful motive for waxing eloquent over very expensive cables, using terms that might otherwise describe a musical instrument to provide the innocent customer the illusion he/she will hear something that has proven impossible to hear. Cables are not musical instruments, and for a manufacturer to claim they are is deceptive advertising.

When some customers have asked me which cables are the best, I have jokingly replied, "The cables with the prettiest exteriors and names, often Grecian"and, of course, the highest price. In this case, you do not get what you pay extra for, and that has been well proven.
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