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Wink A NUMBER of reasons to CALIBRATE your HDTV

To calibrate, or not to calibrate, that is the..............[/QUOTE]

Are you KIDDING?

TVs are designed to look good in retail showrooms with TONS of ambient light UNLIKE your home where you likely watch in a more dark environment.

TVs are tuned to look good relative to the way your eye sees things (more blue). Its like McDonald's adding a dusting of sugar to the fries just to make you like them even more. It doesn't mean its right - it just tastes good.

A properly calibrated HDTV will look better, have more REAL contrast, the colors will be more true to the ANSI standards and will be ready to accpet the broadcasts that it receives from the HD providers. Another KEY reason to calibrate is to get more life out of your investment. Running your set to bright can cut its life.

Personally, I recomend you hire a pro from the ISF to come out and do your sets. If not - there are MANY DVDs you can use to get the most from your HDTV on a DIY basis.
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