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Default Re: Samsung UN55D6050 Question

I know people buy these new media capable HDTVs thinking it would be nice to have a media player built into the TV. Unfortunately, many of these HDTVs will fall short of ideal. Most have a fairly restrictive list of file types and even leave out some of the more popular video file types.

I would suggest you look at getting one of the new media players like the Western Digital WD TV Live or Netgear NeoTV Streaming Player (NTV200) for playing media files. They are generally selling for under $100 and will play most every media file formats. In addition they handle Netflix and other streaming over the internet services. Much better way to go also due both the ease and likelyhood there will be new updates to the firmware adding new capabilities.

They are also very small allowing placement so that it does not look like a large DVD player is added on to the TV. In most cases it is possible to use double sided tape to mount them to the top of a flat panel even.

Anyway according to the manual for that TV that should have been ok, but maybe the frame rate or bit rate is wrong. The supported file types is on page 219 of the online manual. If these are files you have downloaded from the internet, there is no telling what is in them really. You could get a copy of mediainfo and maybe get a clue.
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