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Default Re: Do you use HDMI for your audio?

Originally Posted by J.J. View Post
I haven't sprung for the Anthem upgrade yet, so I run the HDMI for video and toslink for audio. Another $2k and my Anthem will be upgraded. After the 2-4 week wait. Damn technology upgrades!!!

Be glad Anthem makes these upgrades for you. In fact they are the BEST at HDMI as far as I can see.

I personally am not using HDMI for audio because I can't get it to switch effectivley for video thus requiring me to pull my rackout (going outside to get rack rails) and rebooting the system. I know it costs me some video quality but I would rather watch component right now as opposed to restarting my system everytime I want to watch it.

I WILL be getting an HDMI upgrade soon likely when I get my Meridian 861 upgraded.
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