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Thumbs down Prince Sues fans for You Tube postings

This is a post from my father's Blog - InsideMusicMedia - where he blasts Prince as the MOST unlikely person to start filing law suits.

This time, the purple one is mad because fans are posting his performances on You Tube. After a number of smart moves that shows he knows the new music consumer - this one reverts back to an old standard - using the fans - that the RIAA proved enthusiastically didn't work.

My take is: Prince should take every lick of free publicity he can get for his new record because as a LONG TIME fan I can say the new record stinks.


My father is a clinical professor at the University of Southern California's Thornton School of Music. He works with record labels and technology companies to navigate the future of music in an ever changing technological world. He was the publisher of the radio trade publication Inside Radio for 26 years previous to taking the position at USC.
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