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Default Help with Yamaha A/V Receiver 5.1

Hi all. I'm a new member to A/V Revolution. I'm not a real experienced Audiophile but feel I am average. I came from the years of the 60's and 70's when there was no Digital, just Analog and vinyl.
I have a Yamaha HTR-6240 which is the same as either the RXV-365 or 465. I purchased it in 2009.
I initially set the speakers and subwoofer up with the "Microphone" that comes with the Receiver.

I have just 3 front speakers, right, left and center with a Powered Subwoofer. I am trying to increase the Bass and Subwoofer. It has manual adjustments for the Subwoofer. I was also told you can increase the Bass by adjusting the Equalizer. I have 2 "RTR" Brand Right and Left Floor Speakers. My Center speaker is a "BiC".
My Subwoofer is a 100 Watt "RTR". When I try adjusting the speakers, I get a display showing me khz of each speaker. I am clueless what I need to do to increase the Bass on the Right and Left Speaker. There is also an adjustment for Subwoofer and Equalizer that I don't understand what to do to get more Bass when I bring the display of it up.
I notice that if I use the "Straight Enhancement" field, there is nothing coming from the Center Speaker, but my Volume and Bass do increase. It says "Straight Enhancement" but I don't know if it does anymore than just give me Stereo. I normally use the "Neo 6 Audio" but the volume and Bass decrease on that and all the other DSP settings.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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