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Default Re: What do you expect from a stock remote?

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
What do you expect from a stock remote?

Many of our reviewers TRASH products with lame, non-backlit remotes.

Do you think that cutting costs is worth it when it comes to the remote on say a receiver or an HD disc player or should the remote be bettert than average?

For me, I think the remotes need to be fully functional. Note the new Epson home theater in a box (and I mean a projector, receiver, speakers, drop down screen and everything) for $7,000 comes with the same handheld remote I use from Crestron. Its pretty sweet. Good hard buttons. Good feel. Backlit. Others use the same remote. I think Sherwood does too.

Personally, I think you should demand a good remote but some argue for the cost of a Hamony Remote (less than 200 these days) who cares.

What says you?
I think I started a thread a little while back on back lighting. Or, should i say the lack thereof of back lighting. That is my biggest gripe, complaint, whatever you want to call it. Its amazing to me, that the one piece that will get the most use, provided everything else is wired and installed properly, is thought about the least. Truly amazing!!
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