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Cool Re: What is better, Blu-ray or HD DVD?

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post

You touched upon an interesting topic, one that has troubled me for some time. I have Sony's top of the line Blu-ray player and am continually baffled that unlike other Sony players it lacks SACD support, not to mention CD as well. While the player is quite superb, I consider the lack of traditional and not so traditional audio support a MAJOR oversight.

This is one area where the Toshiba's have the clear advantage for they make, not only good standard def DVD players, but aren't bad at two channel audio either. Throw in the fact that they are now cheaper and it's clear, at least to me, that in the second (or third round) of this so called format war Toshiba is in it to win it.
Yes, I agree with you. I`ve liked Sony products for so long. But have always hated their stubborness to not conform with everyone else. Usually, this means parts and accessories have to come from them. Software, etc.

The problem is, I always go for quality first. So it started with me very early in 1980, with buying my first VCR, a Sony Betamax. Which led, to the Sony Super Beta Hi - Fi machine. First the 900, then the front ejecting 750. Then, we all know what happened with Panasonic/Matshu****a/JVC and VHS. And I still have a small collection of fights, NBA All Star games, and concerts on Beta.

Back to Sony and Blu-Ray and this format thing. How do you make a Sony High Definition machine, knowing people out there have SACD titles, including myself, and make a machine that will not play them as well. That is why, while tempted to go HD DVD due to Toshibas excellent pricing, King kong and Batman Begins, I just can not pull the trigger.
How hard can it be, with all this technology, to make a true "Universal Player?"
On the audio and DVD side, Esoteric does it. And so do others. Anyway Andrew, I totally fell your pain.
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