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Default Re: Patriots vs. McLaren Racing - both cheat

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
I've never been a fan of the Pats and Belly-chick but the whole video taping thing is too much. The smugness of that entire team has always been a point of contension for a lot of people and then to pull a stunt like this against one of their own former coaches. That just took a pair of brass ones I don't even think Belly-chick has. Personally, I don't think the punishment is hard enough. Beyond the video equipment on the sidelines, they were caught cheating, and after being warned no less. Several times. I think he should have been suspended.

Or better yet, if the Pats make the Super Bowl, he's not allowed to coach the game. Ohhhh, not allowed to coach the entire post season should they make it. Then we'll see how good they really are...

Just a thought.
Very interesting Andrew. I`m a big New York Football Giants Fan. Since I was 9 years old. Bell, was a great defensive coach for us. But, after being named the New England Patriots coach and having some success, I think he is pretty stuck on himself, smug, and not a picture of.... Anyway, cheating, is cheating. And while people in the NFL and on ESPN say that our new commisioner can down real hard on Belichek, I agree with you in that he should have been suspended. For at least two games.

Now check this, on WFAN 660am radio on Mike and the Mad Dogs show, it has been suggested that while Mangini was coaching there, he probably was in on it. And since leaving, Belichek publicly has treated him like crap, so they are saying maybe ManGenius warned Belichek and said, don`t pull that stuff when you come to New York, or else. And that is why he got caught!!
An interesting theory. What do you guys think?
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