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Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
The Mac amp is quite impressive and a welcomed trip down memory lane. However, I can't seem to stop listening (and gushing) about the Bel Canto amps.

I'm looking forward to getting my Meridian processor back in my rack along with a few new "toys" that should be arriving soon...
That is a heck of an endorsement, Andrew. But, they sounded very good at HE2007.

Though its good to hear that McIntosh after all these years, has not been resting on their laurels or past triumphs. As fars as that comparison with Krell and Mark Lev amps, that also says a lot.
But, I can not see Dan from Krell doing that. He is very passionate about his beloved Krells. And I doubt will give in. Mr. Mark Lev, I don`t know. But, once the word gets out, the consumer will make the choice!!
This could be really big for Bel Canto. Price, Performance, Quality, Great sound, Small Dimensions, sounds like a lot more installs in homes will now go to Bel canto. And, if they get THX Certification, watch out!!
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