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Thumbs up Re: Krell Evolution 202 Preamp Reviewed

After some snacks, snapple, and some excellent mineral water, I had the opportunity to hear the Krell Evolution gear at "Sound by Singer" in the rear sound room. After reading Jerry`s review, I concur, very costly, but the sound was amazing. The build and craftmanship invovled, to see up close, was astonishing. The equipment seemed to glow like jewelry.
I kept thinking while I was there, how to describe what I was hearing. All I came up with was, wide, and very open. Everything that was played, came thru so clean, it was truly hard to believe.

Again you must decide for yourselves if this cost is for you. But there is definitely no denying that they have out done themselves this time. We can only hope that the trickle down effect throughout the rest of the line will be sooner, than later!!
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