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Default Re: Patriots vs. McLaren Racing - both cheat

They call Formula 1 the F1 circus for a reason!!
Former Ferrari team manager Nigel Stepney (sp?) stole the documents & gave them to his new team (McLaren).
There has always been "team sniping" where you hire someone from another team but it was for the info in his head, not documents or cd-roms full of tech data.
McLaren had already been found guilty but was not given much of a penalty because they couldn't prove they had actually used the info.
Here's where the circus kicks in!
2 time & current F1 champion Alonso is getting whipped by his rookie team mate Hamilton & doesn't like it, he blackmails team boss Ron Dennis to either get rid of Hamilton or he tells the FIA (governing body) exactly what McLaren really did with Ferrari's info!!
So to save face Dennis tells the FIA himself & gets the 100 million dollar fine & loss of all constructors points for the 07 & 08 seasons!!

Now the 100 million isn't as big of a deal to McLaren as the constructors points are!
The fine won't actually be paid out of pocket, it will be deducted from McLaren's points fund (prize money, travel expenses, ETC) which can add up to 50 million a season.
it's hard to convey how much points mean in F1, the tail end teams want just 1 point in the season, with that all of their travel expenses are paid for (10 million dollars or so), pit & paddock spots are assigned by constructors points, so McLaren by having 0 constructors points will have the last choice for pits & a smaller paddock area (which means they won't have space for their 100 million dollar paddock center!
Points mean status in F1, the teams could care less who wins the drivers championship as long as they win the constructors championship, & really when you compare the billions spent in F1 compared to the millions spent in the NFL the Patriots fine & the McLaren fine are more equal than they look.

I could go on & on about this, as I am a huge F1 fan, but I'm sure most of you don't understand or care about F1 politics but lets just say that Hillary & Rudy are the best of friends compared to McLaren & Ferrari!
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