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Default Re: Cheesy pick up lines... XD

Originally Posted by Fast-Debrid View Post
Here's a few of mine...

1. When I smile by myself, does it automatically mean I'm crazy? Isn't it possible that I just remember your cute little face? XD


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Oh...I said a few...but I only posted one. hihihh

Her are three...

1. Boy: You know you're like a pile of feces.
Girl: (Shocked) Why?
Boy: 'Cause I can't mess with you.

2. Boy: Have you grown taller?
Girl: No. Why?
Boy: 'Cause before you were just down here by my shoulders but now, you're up here in my mind.

3. Boy: Have you grown smaller?
Girl: (Insulted) No. Why??
Boy: 'Cause previously, you were up here in my mind but now, you're in my heart.

...I got those punchlines from the movie, "My Amnesia Girl". It's an Asian flick. Pretty funny. I watched it via Fast-Debrid last week.

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