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Default Re: Audiophile APS 1050 Power Conditioner - More Than A Power Strip In A Box?

A power strip in a box? You would have to be smoking a 10 carat rock of Compton's finest crack to say that.

This product is the PINACLE of AC power products. It delivers enough perfect, regenerated power to run your whole rack. It has 20 plus minutes of battery backup and solves MANY other AC power problems.

Let me ask you this? If you have a high end projector (like I do) and the power cuts off 3/4 of the way into the movie and the projector isn't in an ICE COLD room - what happens to the bulb when the thing shuts off? Could it fail? Could it hurt your bulb life? DAMN RIGHT it could.

Moreover - what about those peaks in your crash and bang movies scenes? Can the wall with a 15 amp circuit deliver you the power you need to get the best performance from your system? Doubtful. The APS can.

I would not run my system without one.

Jerry Del Colliano
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