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Default Re: True Subwoofer Signature (Sunfire) No Sound

Has anyone gotten their True Subs with Blown internal fuses working? I have 5 of these units in all 3 sizes, and I have to say, while I love the sound of these things, their reliability has really been disappointing.

currently Im working on an amp plate for the 10" 2700 Watt MKII unit. I HAVE had this unit worked on by Sunfire twice before, and naturally it was JUST out of its warranty period when it started to fail again. I use this particular unit maybe 4 times a year, and normally dont run it at more than about 30% volume. the first issue noticed was no power. I replaced the 7 Amp slow blow fuse on the outside and got power but no sound. I opened it up and noticed its blowing the 2 7.5 Amp fuses on the board. Ive replaced them and they continue to blow.

Ive replaced Q13-Q18 as suggested by Rajesh, and checked the cluster of diodes in the area as well, and still continue to have these fuses blow. there are no visibly damaged components or loose connections.

any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have done the flat rate repair on most of the units I own, and am getting a little tired of paying that price nearly once a year on these things. why dont they last?

thanks to all who can offer some advice.
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