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Default What do you expect from a stock remote?

What do you expect from a stock remote?

Many of our reviewers TRASH products with lame, non-backlit remotes.

Do you think that cutting costs is worth it when it comes to the remote on say a receiver or an HD disc player or should the remote be bettert than average?

For me, I think the remotes need to be fully functional. Note the new Epson home theater in a box (and I mean a projector, receiver, speakers, drop down screen and everything) for $7,000 comes with the same handheld remote I use from Crestron. Its pretty sweet. Good hard buttons. Good feel. Backlit. Others use the same remote. I think Sherwood does too.

Personally, I think you should demand a good remote but some argue for the cost of a Hamony Remote (less than 200 these days) who cares.

What says you?
Jerry Del Colliano
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