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Default DTS not playing on sound system


My system is a Panasonic DVDA-120 DVD player with a Sony STR-DE485 receiver. This system can play any Dolby Digital, PCM, or MLP audio without problem but when DTS is attempted, there is no sound whatsoever. This is quite problematic as many DVDs have only the option for DTS and not the other surround sound formats. Both the DVD player and receiver explicitly advertise that they can play DTS.

If you look it up on Amazon it says that the DVD player lacks a Dolby Digital decoder, which is odd seeing that that's the one that works. I'm thinking now that maybe DTS doesn't work because it's encoding with the DVD player before it gets to the receiver or something? Also I'm using an optical digital audio cord as opposed to a coaxial cable. Do you think that would make any difference? I looked on the manual of both and I can't see anything wrong with the setup.

Please help me resolve this issue.

Thank you,
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