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Default Turntable connectivity to Receivers

I have an old Akai turntable which I have currently hooked up to a Sony receiver. I'm thinking of upgrading to a new receiver but the only new receivers I can find with phono outlets are priced over $1000 cdn. Could I use a composite Audio outlet and some how hook the ground wire some where else. I am not ready to give up on my vinyl collection but would like to spend less on a receiver.(less than $500 cdn)

Did a google search and found out that there is a device called a phono preamp relatively cheap - around $50. Apparently the voltage output of a turntable is much lower than those of other peripheral devices, including CD players, tape decks and game systems. Although the inputs look the same, connecting a turntable to a standard RCA audio input will result in very faint sound output, if you hear anything at all. The output of your turntable must be amplified to a level of about 150 millivolts (mVs) before it reaches the receiver, so a turntable "pre-amplifier" or phono preamp is necessary.

Hope this was helpful

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