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I finally did get a 7.1 receiver and believe I don't need the HDMI splitter for three reasons.

Of the three HDMI sources: Apple TV Gen 2, Directv HD-DVR, and Playstation 3, only the playstation is capable of HD audio. The ATV2 and HD-DVR are only capable of 5.1 Dolby Digital which is adequately carried over optical cable. I believe this last statement is correct after reviewing the manuals.

All of the sources supply audio over both the HDMI cable and the optical cable at the same time.

The receiver I now have has an HDMI pass through feature. With receiver in stand-by mode, it will pass the HDMI signal, both audio and video from the last selected input when it was powered on to its' HDMI output (which is connected to the TV).

So, my connections are as follows...

Connect the ATV2 and HD-DVR to the TV with HDMI. Connect their optical outputs to the receiver. Connect the PS3 output to the receiver with only HDMI. The receiver out is obviously connected to the TV using HDMI.

Using the TV input select, I can watch and hear any of the three sources using the TV speakers. THe only gimmick is I have to make sure the Playstation was the last selected input on the receiver before I power it off.

When I want surround, I mute the TV, power on the receiver and select the appropriate source.

I figure I'll try this approach for now and if it gets annoying I'll go the next step of trying some passive 1 in/2 out HDMI splitters.
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