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Default Stephen Moyer in True Blood Will Lead The Barrens

Darren Lynn Bousman (SAW, repo) diabolical tale of a camping trip gone bad. According to Variety, Moyer signed a contract to star in the film entitled "The Barrens," where he plays a man who decides to take his family on a camping trip in New Jersey Pine Barrens. To become "convinced that they are persecuted by a legendary monster with wings that looks like a twisted hybrid of several different animals," Moyer character in true blood season 4 cheap dvd will no doubt go crazy.
Speaking to Variety, Bousman made sure that he plans to do Horror Picture "another step forward. I do not want to make it a creature feature cheese. The characters to me, and having looked at Stephen for years,"
true blood season 4 dvd, "I have no doubt leaders who have the right man. "

They say that the same spine chilling similarities to a Stephen King, Barrens produced by the company as well as gender and Anchor Bay Entertainment. Shara Kay is a co-production of the film, which is reported in theaters next fall.

Meanwhile, ads for the remainder of the melting of the tundra is sure to be on the road.
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