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Default Re: Do you use HDMI for your audio?


Why is the DVI port useless? You can get DVI/HDMI adapters.

Also, even if you do use Component inputs, this does not mean that the FCC has anything to do with that. The FCC is just removing analog broadcasts by TV networks. If you have a $10,000 projector then you probably can afford to spend a little bit a month on a satellite or digital cable service. I wouldn't be running analog broadcasts through a projector. Not with all the other options out there.

If it is not HDCP compliant then yes unfortunately you are stuck with Component for most devices, not all, but most. Sorry.

You can attempt to sell the Yamaha projector you have and put the money toward a modestly priced Sony Pearl VPL 50. You won't be disappointed with that component. Just ask Andrew, the Managaing Editor.
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