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Default Re: FCC Issues Rules For 2009 Digital TV Broadcasts

If only things were that "easy" (which they won't be for cable companies).

Two issues to note:

Cable companies who have already converted to all-digital, will not have to re-establish analog versions of the off-air channels. Presumably, this is because residents in the areas of those cable companies are already dealing with an all digital signal somehow.

Depending on the format in which the broadcaster sends their Digital over-the-air signal, there are issues as to the conversion process and whether it constitutes changing the content, which most retransmission contracts prohibit. For example, if the broadcasters DTV signal is 16:9, how will the cable company modify it to fit the 4:3 analog format?

Using one of the FCC Commissioners own words, there is a tsunami looming in February 2009 for consumers!
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