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Default Totem Hawk in Home Theater

Does anyone have any experience with the Totem Hawk speakers in a home theater set-up? I loved them for 2.0 and 2.1 music set-up which makes me think they'll do just fine for home theater, but I've also read that the don't match up as well as the Forrests (which I can't hear locally).

One of the things I loved about the Hawks was the imaging and soundstage which is reportedly less focused and smaller than the Forrests. Additionally, the Forrests are more expensive which would force me to wait a while to purchase the matching center speaker.

I'm moving from a Monitor Audio system now which has served both music and movies well. The new speakers need to do both well.

I'm also considering the Salk Sound Towers, but I can't hear them and not doing so is a cardinal sin of purchasing speakers.

If anyone has these speakers and is using them in a home theater set-up, I'd love to hear how you like them.
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