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Default Re: Service, above all could save the high end audio industry

This sounds too much like a coincidence, but it happened last week.

I am friendly with my lawyer and he knows that I know a bit more about home electronics than he does. He called last week and needed me to explain something to him.

He has a client who contracted with a “high end” company to put in a home theatre for $45,000. The client paid the stereo people as he went along. Well, The Audio company did not finish the job and said they needed $10,000 more to finish, for a total of at least $55,000. So his client is now left a bit high and dry (I don’t know what is in) and is suing for completion!

My lawyer wanted to know what certain products were and how could someone charge nearly $10,000 for a remote control system! Boy, do they also charge for programming.(Must have been a Celestron type system).

When I was overcharged the dealer actually had the guts to say, “If you can afford this system, you can afford to pay this (extra fees).

I think it may be in their blood.
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