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Default Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

I have had an epiphany. In this forum here, we discuss some of the very best audio reproduction equipment ever manufactured. This gear is the pinnacle of audio excellence. For many of us, this is the no-compromise, exceptional gear that gives us such immense pleasure that we cannot imagine there being much else that would equal let alone surpass this equipment. Objects of our desire. Absolutely. But why? Why do we hold this gear in such high esteem?

Recently, one evening whilst listening to Handel's Coronation Anthems (Archiv 2534005) the sheer immensity of the sound stage's width and depth and definition of the whole production just swallowed me up into the music. I was lost in the whole of music and choir. I felt myself there, at Westminster Abbey, the high vaulted ceilings soaring overhead and the glorious music filling the space. The hairs stood up on end and shivers ran through my body. And this is what it should be all about. Not for the spec's or "the numbers", not for the thundering bass or definitive treble, but for the utter involvement in the music we are listening to. We should feel as though we are there. This is truly why I love my system so much. For the sheer unutterable pleasure of being involved in the music. For the thrills and chills as Janis Joplin goes hard at it with the Full Tilt Boogie Band, as MeatLoaf belts out "Bat Out Of Hell", as the Moody Blues reflect in"Late Night Lament", or as Mozart's "Ave Verum Corpus" gently lilts its haunting harmonies, we should be at one with the music. Yes, I confess I listen with a critical ear, but to lose myself for that all too brief time in a state of rapture is the whole reason for the gear.

Individually, each component is exceptional in its own right, but the whole is greater than the sum. It works together in a way that cannot be explained by any rational process, it just does. And it is so good. I sincerely trust that others have had this experience too. If not, put on a favourite piece, sit back and just listen. If it's good gear, well set up, then you too should feel the joy of real music at home. Joy for the music.
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