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Default Re: HEROES on HD DVD

I am currently watching the HD DVD version of the series and should, with any luck have a review up in October of it.

I have only been able to watch the first 2 discs of the 7 in the set, but what I have seen thus far looks awesome. Since you have the HD DVD player you probably should just go for it.

Since the original broadcast was in 1080i the quality difference is mostly subtle. But what is noticeable in the HD DVD is the lack of digital cable compression and motion artifacts. That is a great plus. And I promise you that the compressed 480p DVD version will not even live up to the original HD broadcast. There is a bit of noise in really dark scenes, but I supposed that is to be expected. The audio is only Dolby Digital Plus which I have running into my receiver via HDMI PCM. It is amazing how many more details you hear in the audio being less compressed. Some of the detailed audio is good and some not so good extraneous sounds. Still outstanding nonetheless. So, get the HD DVD version. You won't be disappointed. Not to mention, Heroes is an excellent TV show and should not be missed. The unaired premiere episode is pretty cool too. Extra plots in that episode that were left out of the entire season.
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